SC2 12x22 inch african fabric scraps/ fat sixth/ Kitenge/ankara scraps

$8.10 $9.00

Shipping to United States: $4.50

This listing is made of varying sizes of beautiful african fabrics .You get 6 different varieties of fabric of varying colors and designs. These are ideal for jewelry making, bags, bibs etc. most of the strips are 12x 22 inches wide but they do vary. The fabric selection you receive might be different from the ones shown but they are equally lovely. If you need the exact pieces please add a note.

The fastest shipping I’ve had with online orders. The prints of the fabric were vibrant and beautiful!

i ordered this specific bundle X2 because it had two pieces the african map on black and on white. I got two bundles with 1 peiece of the fabric on my order in one and another in the the other. i was very disappointed and ended up buying yards of the fabric i wanted from others when all i wanted to dow with the fabric was a couple of masks. I wish she would have informed me to let me know she ran out of her advertised product. I'm still using the fabric but feel it cost me money and time to trust her depiction of the product

Nice quality fabric! The shipping was quick. I really wanted the ones with the Africa countries on there that is showing on the advertisement. The ones that were sent were really pretty but those Africa prints would have made everything perfect. I would order some more if I knew that those Africa pattens would be sent to me.

Great fabric. Would order again

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